Partner program

Partner with us, you wont' regret it.

Referral Program

Earn 25% on recurring referrals
  • Input your affiliate code into your website or promotion.
  • Customers sign up for Highwire through your link.
  • 30 day tracking from the time customer clicks on your link.
  • You earn 25% for the life of the customer.

Design Program

Earn 95% on custom themes
  • Learn how to create themes using our template system.
  • Build your theme and submit it for approval.
  • We'll approve your theme for use in the theme store.
  • You get paid 95% for every purchase!

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  • How do I become a Highwire affiliate?
    Becoming a Highwire Commerce affilate is simple. Just complete the registration form.
  • Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
    The sky is the limit! The more paid referrals you send to Highwire, the more you get paid!
  • When do I get paid?
    All affiliate payments will be made on the 16th of each month. You will automatically receive your Paypal payment if your balance reaches the minimum of $25.00 USD.
  • Can I use the program for my own stores?
    Using the affiliate program for your own stores is against our affiliate agreement. Violation of this could result in termination of your affiliate account.
  • How does the affiliate program work?
    We will provide you with banners and links you can use that will track signups under your affiliate account. By referring valid paid stores to Highwire Commerce, you will earn a 25% comission on each invoice paid by that customer. Referal tracking is cookie-based and the registration must occur 7 days from following the affiliate link.
  • How do I get paid?
    Payments will be delivered to you via Paypal in USD. Any money due will be paid as long as you have reached a balance minimum of $25.00. If your balance is less than $25.00 it will be held until the next payment schedule.