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Designed by: Graham Davey Design

This beautiful modern theme is packed with options and powerful marketing features that allow you a huge degree of flexibiity at the click of a button.

Marketing Features

  • Quick view pop-up
  • 'Sticky' navigation bar
  • Back to Top button
  • Hide Out of Stock products
  • Place adverts on specific pages at top or bottom
  • Buy button before or after description
  • Show or hide quantity box

Visual Options

  • Slideshow with editable headlines
  • 3, 4 or 6 products per row - or mixed!
  • Centered or left logo
  • Fade in title and price
  • Choose Out of Stock wording
  • Vary fonts, colors and line style
  • Choice of backgrounds

Standard Features

  • Social media buttons
  • Sub-categories
  • Sale tags
  • Related products

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